Health & Wellness Coaching

I help my clients make powerful lifestyle behavioral shifts that lead to greater life satisfaction,less disease  and better  emotional and physical performance.  

I develop tailored wellness plans with you to integrate into your lives and teach you how to be accountable, follow through, and reach your goals.

I do this by

Teaching you about accountability and be there to support your efforts.

Providing on going evaluation and assessment of progress.

Assisting you in working through the barriers to change behavior.

Working with and educating you on how to make winning a lasting way of life.

Evaluating your current health status, strengths, and overall wellness.

Guiding and facilitating a course of action to hit client goals.

Developing client-specific integrated wellness plans to support you in multifaceted areas of your lives.

Life Coaching & Goal Management

Goal Management is the process of defining and tracking goals to provide guidance and direction. I help women evaluate performance, and motivate and inspire. Having a life coach who will work with you makes goal setting easy and transparent – helping to develop fully aligned and meaningful goals. We will work together pinpointing your goals and create a plan to obtain them! No goal is too small nor too big!

Weight Management Coaching

I provide a holistic approach to weight and management and help my clients achieve fitness and wellness goals they may have been struggling with, and make lasting impacts on their lives.

I do this by:

Working with women to finding their optimal weight to enhance their quality of life.

Helping examine the psychological link that exists between individuals and eating disorders.

Explaining the physiological effects of eating disorders on the human body and how they can be addressed by fitness and wellness professionals.

Helping women differentiate between healthy carbohydrates and unhealthy carbohydrates.

We will construct a safe, effective, and reasonable weight management program that encourages healthy eating and sensible exercise together.

I counsel clients on weight management using effective communication and goal-setting techniques.

About Me

Hi! I’m Jessica Bell. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse, Health & Life Coach and a Weight Management Specialist. I strive to help women become the woman they want to be.

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