Mindfulness Monday’s Volume 2: Tips For Adding Mindfulness to Your Daily Routine

Tips For Adding Mindfulness to Your Daily Routine 

Once you learn a little more about mindfulness and how it can help you, it is time to start putting it into action. This begins with adding it to your daily routine, so that you get accustomed to this new way of thinking. Here are some tips for adding mindfulness to your daily routine. 

Try it During Regular Daily Activities 

One of the easiest ways to add mindfulness to your daily routine is to focus on it during regular activities. These are things you do each and every day, when your mind tends to wander. Think about what your thoughts were while taking a shower or brushing your teeth this morning. You were probably thinking of what you need to do that day, planning your meals, or even thinking about stressful situations you need to work. These daily tasks are perfect for being more mindful. Think about the act at hand, not anything else. Really focus on the feel of the warm water hitting your body in the shower, the smell of your soap, and the sound of the water trickling down. This is what mindfulness is at its core. 

Focus On Your Breathing 

When you are busy being mindful during your daily activities, make sure you focus on your breathing. This is a good way to start out when you aren’t quite ready to do these small mindful meditation sessions. Focus just on your breathing when your other thoughts try to creep into your mind. Breathing can help your physical and mental state to relax and enter a different wavelength. It is the cornerstone of mindfulness and one of the best ways to let your mind calm a little bit. 

Complete Just One Task at a Time 

A common mistake people make when trying to be mindful and enter a more positive frame of mind during the day is focusing on too many things at once. Multi-tasking is not good for productivity and focus. Stop trying to do everything at once, and just pick one task to work on. This allows you to focus on just that one task, which turn leads your mind to only thinking about this one thing. Even if you are working on a project for your job, you are being more mindful since you are not trying to think about all your other tasks on the to-do list, but just this one thing. It is a simple way to get used to mindfulness. 

Good Morning, May all parts of yourself awaken to what is already awake within you. You are worthy of enlightenment.

— 5-Minute Daily Meditations By Sah D’Simone

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

— Buddha

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