Mindfulness Monday’s Volume 3: Important Mindful Attitudes to Have

When you are starting to practice mindfulness, you will notice that a big part of it is changing your attitudes. You will need to live more in the moment and focus on what is happening now, pushing all those worries and negative thoughts aside. This all starts with having the right attitude. 


A good mindful attitude to have each and every day is gratitude. Instead of focusing on the bad things in your life, be gracious for the good things. This can be something you do in your mind, where you simply and silently are thankful for the job you have, being able to put food on the table, or even something as small as getting up early enough to see the sunrise. This becomes a positive habit, where you are suddenly showing gratitude for everything, as it changes your entire outlook on your life. 


Accepting things as they are is another important part of mindfulness, and a good attitude to start developing. You understand things are the way they are, and even if the situations are not ideal, that is how it needs to be in this moment. You begin to accept the good and the bad, instead of dwelling or focusing just on how negative things might be. This isn’t going to keep all negative thoughts from your mind, but the more you focus on acceptance, the happier you will end up being. 


An attitude you might not have thought about is how you perceive others. If you find yourself constantly judging others, whether for their actions, attitudes, or even their appearance, you are only hurting yourself. This constant judgment creates negative connotations in your thought patterns, hurting them and yourself. Stop judging others and you will notice how much more freeing it is. It is easier to have other positive attitudes when you focus on being non-judgmental. 


Have some patience with people, things, and situations around you. Acknowledge the way things are right now, learn to accept them, and don’t over-analyze them. Be patient and let things change as they need to, instead of pushing it or becoming stressed when things or people are not acting quickly enough. This is one of the more difficult attitudes to learn through mindfulness, but also one of the most powerful. It takes practice being more patient, but in time, it becomes another attitude you focus on each day without  

thinking much about it. 

Unhook Yourself: You have the power to stop overreacting to threats and stop feeding the loop of negativity, repeating the same mistakes again and again. Next time you observe that you’re becoming hooked on a trigger, engage with you breath and find the opening within you that is untainted by negative bias. It’s there.

— 5- Minute Daily Meditations – Instant Wisdom, Clarity & Calm Written by: Sah D’Simone

Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.

— Simone De Beauvoir

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