A Women’s Guide to Self-Care eBook

Here it is!

A Women’s Guide to Self-Care – An eBook with a 28 Day workbook.

Self-Care is one of the most important thing we could do for ourselves. It’s also one the most common things as women we do not do for ourselves! Get it? We need to take care of ourselves! If we do not we will not be able to take care of everyone else we want to take care of. I created this book because juggling being a new mom, a wife and all the 10 other titles I carry; I was never taking care of myself even though I know I needed to. If you feel sluggish, You’re having major brain fog, Your sex drive is low, You’re super stressed out and feel sleepy all the time self-care is the way to fix it!!!

What the eBook Includes:
  • Explains what self-care is and why is it important.
  • 15 Tips for Self-Care
  • Weekly calls with me to review what you’ve accomplished in your work book.
  • Reviews the types of self-care.
  • Gives examples of self-care.
  • A 28 Days Self-Care workbook to help you set self-care practices up for your life!
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